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Davidoff Chateau Latour 1980 Review

Davidoff Chateau Latour 1980 Review | JJ Fox Blog

Origin: Cuban
Length 5 5/8”
Ring Gauge: 42

The corona vitola amidst Davidoff’s legendary series. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t disappoint and continues to confirm for me that the narrower gauged smokes from this elusive range have generally aged the best.

Exhibiting full mineral and cedar notes from offset, which roll off the palette and reveal a subtle leather and white pepper on the finish, the smoke displays an immediate complexity. The draw was perfect throughout; light, with an appropriate, tempering resistance, cooling it accordingly. Impeccably constructed, sporting a Persil white ash, this cigar provides as much depth as can be realistically asked for given its delicate body.

Toward the halfway mark, the cedar is a little less present, yet the leather aspect is notably more apparent and is now accompanied by both green tea and more prominent tannins within the mineral note, leaving a pleasantly drying finish. There is a sweetness about the aroma, yet not about the smoke itself, which is essentially savoury, gentle, and cool.

Approaching the final third, a moderate degree of spice is introduced, yet causes no imbalance whatsoever, while the cedar notes have been overridden by leather and pepper, as it comes to a delightfully toasty finish, exhibiting both depth and subtlety down to the final inch. A masterpiece and a very rare treat indeed.

Appearance: 15/15
Evenness of burn: 23/25
Consistency of draw: 25/25
Taste and Aroma: 33/35

Overall: 96/100

Reviewed by Nic Barker

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