Top Occasions for Smoking Cigars

For every special occasion, there’s a cigar in the celebration of the event. Whether this be for weddings or parties, or celebrating the birth of a child, a cigar is the way to celebrate, if you'd like more than one cigar or taste, why not try cigar samplers. Being cigar lovers, we at James J. Fox have compiled a list of seven top occasions for smoking cigars.


Weddings are one of the best occasions for smoking cigars. You can celebrate whilst surrounded by family and friends, enjoying the exquisite taste of hand rolled cigars. Weddings are one of the most traditional occasions to smoke a cigar, expressing the celebration of the day. At James J. Fox, we have a large variation of cigars, from Cuban cigars to Dominican cigars, to help you celebrate this special day.


Birthdays and cigars are a combination that fit well together, especially if it happens to be your own! This is a day for celebration and what better way to celebrate than with a cigar! If you’re as much of a fan of cigars as we are, we recommend cigar accessories that fit well, making your cigar taste that bit better.  Also, if you know a cigar lover, have a look at the cigar gifts we have available at James J. Fox for any ideas.


The birth of a child is traditionally a prime time for bringing out the cigars. As a close second to weddings, it is customary for the new father to pass around cigars to friends and family. As a new baby is brought into the world, a cigar is to be smoked in celebration.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

These parties seem a little rarer than others, and if you’ve landed an invite to a bachelor or bachelorette party, it’s an idea to bring cigars. Lighting up a cigar for pre-game festivities, or ending with one as a nightcap is the perfect occasion to smoke a cigar.

Career Advancements

You may have found yourself a new job, or maybe you’ve finally managed to land that big promotion and bonus you’ve been working hard to achieve! Advancements in your career call for celebration, and what better way to celebrate your achievement than with the taste of your favourite cigar in hand.

Poker Night

Cigars are almost a given at regular poker night gatherings. Although this may seem cliché or stereotypical, there is a reason people are often depicted enjoying a cigar during these moments. You’re in good company, you’re enjoying the thrill of the game, and you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere, letting you enjoy the atmosphere and taste of your cigar.

New Year’s Eve

This is the day many plan parties to celebrate the end to another year and usher in a new one. With this occasion only coming around once a year, celebrating with your cigar in hand is a great way to welcome new adventures and experiences.

Here at James J.Fox, we stock a variety of famous cigars, ready for that special occasion. If you would like to find out more about our stock of cigars, have a look at our website, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team if you would like to learn more about how you can buy small cigars to big cigars.