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S. T. Dupont Lighters

Founded in 1872, S. T. Dupont is a Paris-based manufacturer of luxury lighters and other accessories. The company gets its initials from the original founder of the company, Simon Tissot-Dupont. The first serial-produced Dupont lighter was created in 1941 and was made from aluminium, due to restrictions on brass for the purposes of weapon manufacture during World War II.

From 1958 through to 1963, all lighters made by this luxury brand were created from 18 karat gold blended with 3% brass. All S. T. Dupont lighters possess the engraving of the company’s initials to act as a subtle reminder of its elegance and rich heritage.

The James J. Fox S. T. Dupont Lighter Collection

The ergonomic and slimline design of these gas lighters are the perfect companion to any of James J. Fox’s cigar collections. Unlike traditional gas lighters, S. T. Dupont products are incredibly agile and easy to spark, thanks to the larger ignition lever.

Our Dupont lighter collection ensures sophistication and elegance when lighting one of our cigars. For a traditional aesthetic, take a look at the S. T. Dupont Minijet Lighter, with its beautiful chrome and lacquer finish. Closely resembling the company’s first serially-produced lighter back in 1941, and available in various colours, you will be sure to turn the gaze of all witnesses when you light up with this masterpiece.

If you prefer something less traditional, see the S. T. Dupont Ligne 8 Lighter, which comes in a sleek and glossy red or white finish. This lighter is unique as a result of weighing considerably less than traditional lighters, and it houses a compact design. This refillable gas Dupont lighter also has the ability for flame length adjustments to be made, which makes it ideal for cigars that take longer periods of time to ignite.

All lighters within this exclusive collection from James J. Fox are perfect for personal use. If you are looking to purchase one to give as a gift, we offer a gift packaging service. For an additional complement to your new lighter and cigars, choose to add the S. T. Dupont Maxijet Cigar Ashtray in a shiny and elegant chrome finish.

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