• Rafael Gonzalez Perla

    Size: 4” Strength: 1 out of 5
  • Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas

    Size: 5”

Rafael González cigars were first trademarked in the 1930s, although the brand itself actually existed for almost a decade beforehand. Originally, the target market for this brand was a predominantly British audience, but their cigars are nonetheless enjoyed across the world by smoking enthusiasts. Now, the world famous Romeo y Julieta factory manufactures Rafael González cigars, still making use of the light-flavoured Vuelta Abajo region tobacco blend that made these products renowned to begin with. In the main, these cigars are traditionally created by hand with a long filler, although some select examples do possess a short filler instead to imbue the range with extra diversity.

Rafael González – the Pioneers of the ‘Lonsdale’

The term ‘Lonsdale’ in the context of cigars was first used in honour of Lord Lonsdale, the fifth earl of that title who went by the name of Hugh Cecil Lowther, a famed cigar and sports aficionado of this period. It was used to denote a cigar of 6 ½ inches by 42 gauge and has since become a common word that’s used across the industry. However, the term originated with Rafael González, so the brand has always set trends.

Each Rafael González box comes with the advice that you should smoke the contents within a single month of shipment, or allow each cigar to mature for a full year, which again is said to hark back to the traditions laid down in the 1930s. To some, the relatively mild intensity of these cigars is a point of relative controversy, but their delicate flavours have nevertheless won them many admirers.

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