Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2021 Fishtail 03 9mm Filter Pipe

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128387 - Fishtail 03 Filter
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Since 1998, Peterson have released an annual special edition St. Patrick's Day line, presenting a number of their most popular shapes in a festive, distinctly Irish finish unique to the year. The 2021 edition continues that tradition with a variety of favourite shapes dressed in dark, rusticated finishes and topped with broad nickel bands and deep green acrylic stems, each accompanied by its own matching leather pipe stand.
Peterson's signature take on the classic bent Apple design, and one of their most popular shapes, this timeless jaw-hanger combines a stout shank and robust transition with a deep bend for a tight-knit, muscular aesthetic that demonstrates Peterson's iconic House Style.
Weight: 44g
Length 130mm
Height 41mm
Bowl Width 38mm
Chamber Width 20mm
Chamber Depth 31mm