Cigar Cases & Holders

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Cigar Cases & Holders from James J. Fox

Purchase a wide range of cigar cases and cigar holders from James J. Fox, London's premium cigar merchants. Leather cigar cases make the perfect travel accessory for any avid smoker, keeping your finest cigars safe within luxury, high-quality leather cases. From Robusto to Piramides, or even a cigar tube that holds cigars in sizes up to ring gauge 54, our collection can be used on a wide range of cigar types, so whatever your preferred smoke is, we have a case that will compliment it.

It is this key aspect of portability that is one of the fundamental benefits of a cigar case, as they enable you to carry your cigars within a jacket pocket, without risking your cigars or your attire. The first cigar cases were little more than a wooden box, but now such boxes are luxuriously lined to form a superb accessory. However, it is the leather case that has become the most popular choice.

Cigar Holders – the Perfect Accessory for Your Cigars

Not only do such cases protect your cigars in a general sense, but they also safeguard the structure and integrity of your favourite cigars, taking into account things like size, ring gauge and similar to create the perfect housing for your cigars. The leather enables the cigars to breathe too, which is essential for promoting the optimal levels of humidity during a few days in storage (the ideal humidity is said to be between 68 – 72%, which needs to be precisely achieved). The layers within a leather case can assist with the preservation of rigidity, so a good case is not really a luxury investment, but an essential purchase for any serious smoker who cherishes their experience.

Enquire with Us to Buy Cigar Cases

If you would like to enquire about one of our cigars cases or holders, or would like to bring your questions to our team, then please call us on 0207 930 3787 or send an email to If you’re in the London area, you can also visit us within one of our shops in Harrods, Selfridges or at our flagship store on St. James Street. This latter location is one of the very few UK stores to be exempted from the smoking ban, so you can not only browse and buy from our range of cigars cases, but can also enjoy your newly purchased cigars in the company of one or more of our experts.