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Cigar Gift Sets from James J Fox

Cigar gift sets make the perfect gift for a cigar lover, no matter whether they are newly interested, or the art of cigar smoking is a long-term speciality for them. For many, cigars, their taste, history and the accessories that accompany them are not just a passion, but also a way of life. Therefore, by giving them a gift to truly treasure you are sharing their celebration of one of life's luxuries.

To many, the thought that goes into a gift proves one's love and understanding of a person and their interests, and this is a special moment in itself. Not only are you giving them a gift that they can appreciate in ways you may not know to be possible, but it is also one that can be used indulgently, showcasing a truly special moment to celebrate a worthy occasion.

The beauty of a cigar gift set is that you can give your loved one more of their favourite tastes and sizes as a pleasing token of appreciation, or gift them something new. When one becomes accustomed to their favourite brand, country of origin and make up, people often stick to this choice as they know they enjoy it. Your gift could open their eyes to a new range of exciting tastes, from the delicate to the stronger flavours.

Stylish & Delicious Cigar Selections: Perfect Gifts for a Number of Occasions

Here at James J Fox, we stock a wide range of cigar gift sets, from samplers that showcase the best of Cohiba cigars to the best of Hoyo De Monterrey cigars. These sampler sets make the ideal gift for those looking to try something new or stick to what they like best. Perhaps you are looking to give cigars as a gift to somebody that has recently become interested in all that cigars have to offer, but they have only tasted one flavour and size? In which case, our starter set would be an ideal token to help them experience as much as they can, and want to.

Aside from their exquisite flavours and textures, our cigar gift sets make the perfect present by virtue of their incredibly stylish and multi-branded packaging, as seen in the Habanos Seleccion Robusto, in size 4 7/8”.

Our sets are an excellent gift for a whole host of occasions; from birthdays and Christmas to Father’s Day, there is always a right time to share in this special experience. Not forgetting Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to expressing your love and devotion, and what better way to show this then giving your loved one a gift that marks something special? We have curated a specially selected collection of cigars that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, creating an even more special moment when paired with accessories.

Gift Wrap your Cigar Gift Sets

We know you want to make every part of your gift truly mesmerising and unforgettable, and to help you make this even more memorable, we offer a gift wrap service. We provide the option to add this additional touch to your gift set, as it really is the small things and the attention to detail that make those big things seem all that more cherished.

Get in Touch with James J Fox Today

If you require any further information regarding any of our cigar gift sets or need that little extra help in choosing the perfect one, our knowledgeable team are more than happy to offer their assistance so that you can give a gift that means a great deal. You can contact us by calling 0207 9303787 or visit us in one of our stores to purchase today.