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    • Strength : 2 out of 5 Vitola : Petit Corona
    • Length : 5 1/8” Min Smoking Time : 30 Minutes
    • Ring Gauge : 42 Origin : Cuba
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    • Strength : 2 out of 5 Vitola : Petit Corona
    • Length : 5 1/8” Min Smoking Time : 20-30 minutes
    • Ring Gauge : 12.5 Origin : Cuba
    • Strength : 2 out of 5 Vitola : Petit Corona
    • Length : 4 5/8” Min Smoking Time : 20-30 minutes
    • Ring Gauge : 40 Origin : Cuba
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H. Upmann Cigars

Established in 1844, H. Upmann cigars are from one of the oldest cigar brands in the world. In 1890, the founder of the Cuban cigar company, Hermann Upmann, retired, and H. Upmann was passed down to his nephew, Heinrich. After his passing, the brand was continuously passed down through the family and, to this day, remains a family business producing high-quality tobacco products for Habanos SA.

After the Cuban revolution, H. Upmann was uprooted and moved to the Canary Islands, and then to the Dominican Republic where it remains today. Many experts believe this brand to have originally packaged its cigars in a cedar box, which was unique for its time, and was primarily used as a marketing tactic.

H. Upmann continues to be an incredibly popular cigar brand to date, and it is world-renowned for its selection of both handmade and machine-made vitolas.

The James J. Fox H. Upmann Collection

James J. Fox boasts an impressive collection of H. Upmann cigars, available to purchase online or in store today. These popular cigars are well-known for a light strength that doesn’t compromise on flavour, making them an ideal choice for the novice cigar smoker. Whether you are searching for a cigar for casual smoking, or want something for a special treat, smoking times ranging between less than 20 minutes to 60+ minutes ensure that you will find the perfect type of smoke to suit your requirements.

As one of the later additions to the H. Upmann product line, the Corona Major (Tubed) cigar has gained an increasingly significant amount of popularity amongst those who are new to cigar smoking. The low strength of this 5⅛” Corona provides a cool toke lasting for 20 – 30 minutes, which allows for an immersive experience of its subtle pepper notes.

For those seeking a full-bodied flavour and powerful, yet not overwhelming, toke, the Monarchs Tubos cigar is the ideal choice. At 7” complemented with a ring gauge of 47, you’re sure of an even burn that delivers nut and pepper tones throughout.

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With many other cigars from H. Upmann sold by James J. Fox, we are confident that you will love this brand and its varied range.

If you would like to get in touch for more information about any of the cigars within this range, or have other general questions, you can contact us by phone on 0207 930 3787, by sending an email to freddie@jjfox.co.uk, or by submitting your query using our online contact form.