Nicaraguan Cigars

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    • Strength : 3 out of 5 Vitola : Robusto
    • Length : 4 7/8” Min Smoking Time : 30-40 minutes
    • Ring Gauge : 50 Origin : Nicaragua
  2. £96.50
    • Strength : 4 out of 5 Vitola : Various
    • Length : Various Min Smoking Time : Various
    • Ring Gauge : Various Origin : Nicaragua
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    • Strength : 5 out of 5 Vitola : Perfecto
    • Length : 4” Min Smoking Time : 40-50 minutes
    • Ring Gauge : 60 Origin : Nicaragua
  4. £20.00
    • Strength : 3 out of 5 Vitola : Belicoso
    • Length : 6” Min Smoking Time : 40-50 minutes
    • Ring Gauge : 52 Origin : Nicaragua
  5. £18.50
    • Strength : 3 out of 5 Vitola : Robusto
    • Length : 5” Min Smoking Time : 30-40 minutes
    • Ring Gauge : 54 Origin : Nicaragua
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Located in Central America, just north of Costa Rica, lies the Republic of Nicaragua, and Nicaraguan cigars are renowned as some of the most popular in the world. Due to the highly volcanic landscape of the country, the unique Nicaraguan tobacco thrives in its rich and fertile soil. It is a well-known fact by many cigar connoisseurs that some of the best cigars to be made are exported from Nicaragua. In spite of the tobacco industry in Nicaragua having had an unsettled past, such as during the 1979 civil unrest under the socialist leader Sandinistas, which caused tobacco plantations to cease producing cigars, and the arrival of Hurricane Mitch in 1998, which devastated the tobacco farms, the country is now proudly one of the top global cigar producers, due to the determination of the tobacco farmers in Nicaragua.

The James J. Fox Nicaraguan Cigar Collection

The James J. Fox collection incorporates many different types of premium-quality cigars from Nicaragua from highly respectable brands such as Luis Martinez, with their Hamilton Robusto pack, known for its medium bodied, light draw and high flavour profile. For those with a desire for strength, we stock the Serie V Special V Figurado cigar from Olivia, available to buy either individually or in packs of 24; these long-lasting and slow-burning cigars provide undertones of earth and spice, as well as coffee notes that truly deliver – perfect for a refined after-dinner smoking experience.

We also stock many other Nicaraguan cigars from the likes of Padron & Quorum, both of which are excellent brands that supply the finest-quality products. With so many cigars to choose from, the professional team at James J. Fox can provide you with their expert recommendations and assist you in finding the cigar that’s best suited to your requirements and tastes.

Enquire With James J. Fox Today

With over 200 years’ experience in procuring the finest-quality cigars from around the world, James J. Fox is your first port of call either online or in any of our three London stores (in Harrods, Selfridges or on St. James Street) for premium Nicaraguan cigars that are currently on the market. If you would like to get in touch with us regarding any specific requirements you may have, or if you have any other general enquiries, please contact us today by telephone, fax, email, or by sending us an online message. We look forward to hearing from you.