Tesseron are one of the most prestigious cognac brands in the world. Founded in 1905, Tesseron as a brand are very young, but it is their collection of eaux-de-vie dating back to their inception which makes them supremely unique. The family name of Tesseron came to prominence with their founder Maison Abel Tesseron. With two separate estate locations – one in Grand Champagne and one in Petite Champagne – Abel distilled, blended and stored his eaux-de-vie, and it is now what the brand use today for their wonderful cognacs.

The Maison Abel Tesseron renowned for producing old and mature blends, used to present their samples under ‘Lot’ numbers, that historically was the trade term used to identify a blend.

Using this traditional method of identification and delving into the cellars of their legendary collection of age-old Grande Champagne reserves, the Tesseron family has released four numbered ‘Lot’ cognacs; reflecting the lifetimes’ work of four generations of refined cognac makers. Each of these cognacs illustrates the mastery and artfulness of their heritage.

This remarkable cognac range starts with the ten year-old LOT n°90 XO OVATION and spans three further generations with :





This range provides a unique opportunity to experience the different qualities between each generation.

It wasn’t until 2000 when Abel’s grandsons Alfred and Gerard decided to release this invaluable collection of eaux-de-vies under their name. The first Tesseron XOs were born.

Pairing the Classique X.O Collection

We had the great pleasure to meet Arnaud Dean, Tesseron European and Africa Sales Director, at our flagship 19 St James’s Street. Coming in directly from France, we discussed the possibility of joining us for the pairing on our traditional Churchill’s Birthday Sampling Evening. We are glad to say he was happy to do so and have guests sample two of the collection on the night. While guests will be drinking Lot No.76 and Lot No.90 on the evening, we was kindly afforded the task of sampling all four for our opinions and cigar recommendations.

Tesseron Lot No.76 X.O Tradition

Tesseron Lot No.76 has an alluring presence from the moment the glass is placed to the nose, with the scents of peach and apricot fruit notes coming to the fore. The candied fruit provides a bouquet of florally sweet notes which is all too pleasant and makes for an inviting cognac for even the most candid of drinkers. As it disseminates amongst the senses, we pick up the deeper leather notes which balances the aromas emanating from the glass. A subtle trace of honey caps the aromas.

The two cigars which come to mind for this cognac is the Romeo y Julieta Churchill and the Romeo y Julieta Cazadores. If we had to select the best one for the cognac, it would be the Cazadores. The cigar is widely underrated and because of that it goes under the radar of even cigar aficionados. It is a little more distinct in flavour than other RyJ cigars, boasting rich flavours through a very tangible evolution of the smoking experience of this cigar. Rich honey and spice flavours mount in intensity to give one of the rarest finishes of all Cuban Cigars. The cedar and leather are a constant throughout, but each third transitions wonderfully, exemplifying why Cuban cigars are so revered by those who enjoy evolution in their cigars.

This cigar profile will work fantastically with the Lot No. 76 as the sweetness from the nose arrives on the palate from the first sip. Expressing the same vivacity from the scent to flavour, we immediately sense the fruits – the peaches, apricots and now also apples. We also garner a cinnamon and oak barrel spice which adds to the depth of the cognac. However, the sweetness remains the dominant aspect of the cognac and continues into the finish with a gentle medium length of almond and fruit. This is just right to match with the Cazadores as the rich honey and spice we referred to within the flavour of the cigar is not as sweet as someone might think, as it delivers a pleasing bitterness on the palate. It is the contrast we find enjoyable for this pairing.

Alternatively, while there are not many New World cigars with the relative likeness of the Cazadores, we’ve chose a cigar that has a similar sweet bitterness. The Fox House Blend Churchill is a great pairing for this cognac and perhaps the closest to the Cazadores in its evolution through the thirds. As the FHB Churchill warms up it delivers flavour of spice and earthiness, with a degree of sweetness coming from the wrapper. Hints of minerality and clean tobacco lingers as a defined aftertaste. Towards the end of the cigar its sweetness is still present with a contrasting pleasant bitterness like dark chocolate coming through. At this point we've find a contrast we absolutely love when pairing with the No.76.

We also think the Drew Estate Liga Privada No.9 Flying Pig is a great option as it also has a rich flavour profile with a core of Leather and wood. It’s perhaps a little more pronounced with earthy notes, but that is to be expected because this cigar is fuller-bodied than the Cazadores and Fox House Blend. Flavours of dark coffee and hints of dark chocolate and plum provide the sweet bitterness to complement the sweetness of the cognac.

Other Suggestions: Romeo y Julieta Churchill, Cuaba Tradicionales, Montecristo Media Corona, Saint Luis Rey Regios, Fox House Blend Robusto, Davidoff The Late Hour Robusto, Drew Estate Liga Privada No.9 Belicoso Fino

Tesseron Lot No. 76 is available at our friends at No.3 St James's Street - Berry Bros & Rudd

Tesseron Cognac Lot No.90 XO Ovation

Tesseron Cognac Lot No. 90 has the youngest of their eaux-de-vies used for their Classique collection, however still aged for at least 10 years. For this reason, we expect a more robust and crisp aromas and flavours to emanate from the glass on the nose and palate. A beautiful combination of fruits and spice; Mediterranean fruits like orange, pear and figs immediately on the nose with the spicier notes of oak and nutmeg coming into play shortly after. Hints of nuts, particularly almond are also noticeable on the nose. The cognac on the palate has the flavours that the aromas suggested as ripe fruits and spice dominate the flavour. A robust cognac with plenty of sweetness and a medium length finish, which is exactly what is expected of a relatively young quality X.O cognac. The flavour of the Lot No.90 is exceptional, which provides a great starting platform for the more aged cognac in this collection.

It is one of the Habanos cigars with a dominant savoury flavour profile, no redeeming sweetness, in fact anything but. The Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 evolves nicely over the course of the smoke, beginning vaguely briny with spats of cedar, this cigar gradually progresses into a toasty, leathery smoke with occasional hints of black pepper and spice. With these flavours from the cigar, it provides a great contrast with Tesseron Lot No.90, providing a savouriness to the fresher and more ripe sweetness. Both the cigar and cognac are sensible, not wholly complex like others in their category, but wildly flavoursome. A coffee bean aftertaste seems to join the intensifying leather note toward the finish of the cigar, making it the perfect time to sip the cognac.

Davidoff Aniversario Special R would too be a sublime pairing with Tesseron’s Lot No.90 for enthusiasts who prefer a Nicaraguan, Dominican or Honduran cigar. It too delivers plenty of flavour, with savoury notes in abundance like cedar, pepper, nuts and leather. The smoke is billowing and creamier than expected, producing a great mouth feel ahead of sipping the cognac. It is one of the best Davidoff cigars of recent times, and a medium-bodied cigar offers a great balanced pairing with this Tesseron.

Other Recommendations: H.Upmann Connoisseur No.1, Punch Punch, San Cristobal de la Habana El Principe, Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.1, Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto

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