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August 2017

  1. What Can Affect the Flavours of Your Cigar?

    What Can Affect the Flavours of Your Cigar?
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  2. Representation of Cigars in Film and TV

    Representation of Cigars in Film and TV
    Cigars have been loved for many years, and there are some famous characters from film and television who have brought this passion to the big screen. Have you ever thought how cigars are represented in film and TV? Which characters come to your mind? At James J Fox, we have researched the representations of cigars on screen and compiled a...
  3. The Timelessness of Cigars

    The Timelessness of Cigars
    Throughout history, we have found plenty of ways to enjoy ourselves, so it’s no surprise that humans discovered the joy that could be found from smoking dried tobacco in the form of cigars, and keeping them clean and moist in an excellent cigar humidor. So, what is it about cigar smoking that makes it just as popular now as it...
  4. Spotlight On: Cohiba Cigars

    Spotlight On: Cohiba Cigars
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  5. Cigar and Liquor Pairings

    Cigar and Liquor Pairings
    It’s such an iconic image: the picture of a smart-suited gentlemen relaxing in his favourite recliner, with a fine cigar in one hand and a glass of liquor in the other. Some pairings simply make sense, and here at James J. Fox we understand some pairings work well together. Cigars and liquor are a match many have come to appreciate. There...

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