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October 2019

  1. Famous Cigar Smokers

    Famous Cigar Smokers
    At JJ Fox, we love to explore the life and legacies of those great men and women who enjoy the simple pleasure and luxury of the cigar. Everyone from actor Jack Nicholson, inventor Thomas Edison and US president JFK have had their very own blog post dedicated to their life and well-known love of cigars. It’s important to remember the...
  2. 1966: The Year of Cohiba

    1966: The Year of Cohiba
    Cuba is a country synonymous with cigars, and the Cohiba is by far their most famous brand. But for all its acclaim and fame, the Cohiba is a rather young brand compared to the likes of the Romeo Y Julieta or the H. Upmann, with less than a century of history behind it. Despite this, it is a cigar brand...
  3. Famous Cigar Smokers: Sigmund Freud

    Famous Cigar Smokers: Sigmund Freud
    Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939) was an Austrian neurologist and the founding father of psychoanalysis, a method for treating mental illness that involves creating a dialogue between the patient and a psychoanalyst, as well as a theory that explains human behaviour. He is perhaps best known for the Oedipus complex, the idea that a child has an unconscious sexual desire...
  4. Montecristo No.4 1983: Vintage Review

    Montecristo No.4 1983: Vintage Review
    Length: 5 1/8” Ring Gauge: 42 Vitola: Mareva The classic Montecristo Petit Corona you (I hope) know and love, just completely reimagined in terms of taste and notes, thanks to some 36 years of age. Modern Monte No.4s tend to be pepper-forward, a little tannic, with a relatively full woody, earthy, base, with that classic Cuban ‘musty’ taste ever-present. With...

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