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January 2019

  1. Cigar Country: Dominican Republic

    Cigar Country: Dominican Republic
    The Cigar Country series continues, and today we’re looking at one of the world’s biggest exporters of cigars: the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic has plenty to offer the cigar-hungry traveller, so we’re looking at how this land in the middle of the Carribean connected itself to Cigar culture.   ORIGINS: Overtaking Cuba A short distance from the mother of...
  2. Journey to the heart of Nicaragua: Part 2

    Journey to the heart of Nicaragua: Part 2
    Anatomy of a tobacco nation There are four fundamental regions in Nicaragua where cigars are grown or produced. The main spot is Estelí Valley, known today as the modern global hub of tobacco. It is here where most factories are located. The soil of this area is clayey and the tobacco sweet with earthy and spicy notes. Jalapa, which means...
  3. Famous Cigar Smokers: Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Famous Cigar Smokers: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold has been a huge name in both film and politics for decades, but he’s also a dedicated filmmaker, businessman and author. Schwarzenegger has forged a dynamic and multifaceted career, rich with success and cigars. Continue reading →
  4. Spotlight On: Toscano Cigars

    Spotlight On: Toscano Cigars
    In this new instalment of our cigar spotlight series, we’re going to Italy for a taste of Toscano. Toscano have a deep heritage that is tangible in the flavour profiles of their cigars, and in this article, we’re looking into the brand’s history and where Toscano are today. The History of Toscano Cigars It had been a beautiful season for...
  5. Cigar Country: Switzerland

    Cigar Country: Switzerland
    In the second addition to this series, we’re heading to the Alps. When considering the cigar, one’s mind often goes to hot and remote destinations with exciting cultures such as Cuba and Nicaragua, but the Swiss tobacco industry is far closer to home. In this spotlight, we’re going to shine our spotlight on the Swiss cigar industry and find out...
  6. Famous Cigar Smokers: Groucho Marx

    Famous Cigar Smokers: Groucho Marx
    From royalty to stars of the stage and everyone in between, cigars are enjoyed by many around the globe. In the latest instalment of the Famous Cigar Smoker series, we will take a look at the life of the brilliantly funny American comedian, Groucho Marx. Marx’s Childhood Groucho Marx was born in 1890 in Manhattan, New York – throughout his childhood...
  7. Cigar Country: Cuba

    Cigar Country: Cuba
    In this new series, we’ll explore the countries behind your favourite cigars to give you a greater appreciation of the world that exists behind your smoke. Perhaps the most famous of the cigar growing countries, Cuba is the home of the European fascination with smoking. Continue reading →
  8. Journey to the heart of Nicaragua: Part 1

    Journey to the heart of Nicaragua: Part 1
    Destination Nicaragua Traditionally, the Habanos have been the first choice of cigar smokers and connoisseurs. No doubt that the Cuban Black Tobacco is very tasty and has unique flavour, and that the Caribbean island can show a very old culture of cultivating tobacco as well as crafting cigars.   But in the last few years, another country has emerged in...

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