The Churchill has a slightly milder flavour than the Robusto and Cañonazo, despite being the same blend of tobacco. This is because of the narrower ring gauge, meaning less tobacco burning, which ultimately means less smoke. With that said, we still consider this a medium-to-full bodied cigar.

The Churchill starts quite medium bodied, less intense than the Robusto and Cañonazo. The oily dark Colorado wrapper exudes its expected characteristics, having an evident sweetness to the flavour as the spice and earthiness isn’t as prominent like in the other two FHB vitolas. Towards the end of the first third of the cigar, we start to pick up the grassy and spice notes we had anticipated, providing a stronger flavour from the tobacco. It’s at this point we take our first sip of The Lakes Infinity.

This is an intriguing whisky; despite the high ABV of 52% it doesn’t burn the palate like others would, instead producing a lengthy finish which only enhances the flavours of both with the next puff of the cigar. The complexities in flavour of Infinity comes from maturing in a combination of Oloroso, Palo Cortado, Fino and Manzanilla sherry casks. While sherry casks will provide an unquestionable sweetness, Palo Cortado and Fino casks will add a subtle spice and herbaceous notes to the liquid, which is evident here. On the nose you will find aromas of incense sticks, nutmeg and toasted rye bread.

The richness of the Honduran wrapper provides a sweetness on the lips and palate which is contrasted, yet balanced, with the darker and dank sweetness coming from the whisky. Infinity has a real depth of flavour resembling dates, forest fruits, treacle and cacao nibs, with an underlying spiciness, and because of this contrast it enhances the flavour on the palate at this point.

As we get into the to the second third of the cigar the sweetness starts to dissipate – not fully disappearing but it does gradually fade as a subtle spice comes more to the fore along with leather undertones. The minerality flavour has slowly become evident at this stage.

Entering the final third of the cigar, it begins to evolve again providing a raw sweetness very similar to the flavour of the whisky with a dark chocolate and cacao profile. With this dark intense flavour of the cigar, it is only natural that those notes produce more spice and a degree of bitterness on the palate as dark chocolate and cacao nibs would. With the cigar reaching the last inch and a half, like all cigars at this point, it has become a lot warmer and in this instance the spice has become more dominant.

Another sip of Infinity now has a different effect on the palate. The sweetness of the whisky has now surpassed any sweetness of the cigar and the consequential bitterness at the end of the cigar now takes the finish of the whisky even further.

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