It was a pleasure to have made the pairing with Tesseron at our last sampling evening of 2023. Our Churchill’s Birthday Cigar and Cognac pairing event was the first time we paired Tesseron cognac with cigars for a sampling evening. A wonderful evening for more than 50 guests in our St James’s flagship, it was clear that the Romeo y Julieta Churchill with, firstly, the Lot No. 90, followed by Lot No.76 was an excellent combination. A thank you to Tesseron’s European and Africa Sales Director Mr Arnaud Dean and Spirit Cartel Brand Ambassador Mr Campbell Rankine for joining us on the evening and speaking to guests about the amazing Tesseron Cognac brand.

There are four cognacs in their Classique collection. We detailed the event cognacs in Part 1 of pairing Tesseron X.O, and the other two are Lot No.29 and Lot No.53. Both exceptional and an excellent accompaniment to a premium cigar.

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Tesseron Cognac Lot No.29 X.O Exception

An amazing cognac with complexities and profile which could easily compare to others which are three or four times its retail value. The Tesseron Lot 29 is one of, if the not the most, remarkable Cognac available to purchase. The layers of flavours at every stage of the tasting experience of this cognac are so exquisite only the finest hand-rolled cigars should be considered for the pairing. The Lot 29 is supremely rich in flavour with an ethereal aroma on the nose, a cognac that is noticeably powerful, not in terms of being robust, but because of the sustained flavours starting at the nose to the substantially long finish. It is easy to understand the 100 points Rober Parker awarded to this cognac, it is outstanding.

The Trinidad Fundadores automatically comes to mind to pair with the Lot 29; a Habanos cigar of the highest quality and arguably the most coveted cigar in the Habanos portfolio. A Fundadores would pair perfectly with any cognac of this quality, if truth be told – the cigar has the perfect profile to do so. However, the cigar has become all too rare and is something of a hard find, even in the most exclusive of Cigar lounges. If someone was to make this specific pairing, it would be a profound and luxurious pairing.

Instead, the Trinidad Esmeralda would be the excellent choice to pair with this Tesseron expression. The flavour profile of Trinidad, while varying slightly between vitolas for reasons of blends of tobacco working differently for different sizes, principally works perfectly with cognacs. Trinidad is discernibly different from other brand profiles in the Habanos portfolio; generally, it will be medium bodied with subtle notes of coffee, cinnamon, cocoa, oak and black pepper. The basis of the flavour in the first third is of cedar and grass as it gradually transitions into earth into the middle third. Towards the end of the cigar, the peppery notes will become more noticeable but not overpowering, instead balancing well with the hints of cinnamon and nutmeg which continue to be apparent.

There has always been a distinct creaminess in the smoke and mouthfeel which has always been associated with Trinidad, and because of this we think this would accentuate the flavours of the cognac. The medium-flavour and body of the cigar, with the more mellow notes of cedar and earth will allow Lot 29 to immerse the palate of its flavour. The sweetness from the distinct flavours of dried fruit and the hints of mocha and cocoa will be telling, with the sumptuous finish providing a lasting marmalade note for a delightful aftertaste.

For non-Cuban cigar enthusiasts, we recommend the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Torpedo Maduro. Perhaps a little fuller in body than the Trinidad Esmeralda, this Padron has many of the same flavours that will accentuate the profound richness of the Tesseron Lot No.29. This Padron starts with sweeter notes garnered from the maduro wrapper, but as the cigar gradually burns and becomes warmer, the earth and spice start to become prevalent in the flavour adding a boldness to the strength. A blend of subtleties which somehow satisfies to the extent that it does, producing plenty of delicate spice notes throughout, with black coffee and pepper being peripheral but a constant. The spice notes from the cigar activates the palate and enhances the richness of the Lot No.29.

Other Cigar Suggestions: Trinidad Media Luna, Trinidad La Trova, Cohiba Siglo II, Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona, Quai D’Orsay Coronas Claro, Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Connecticut Robusto Cigar

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Tesseron Cognac Lot No.53 X.O Perfection

Tesseron Lot No.53 might be the most compatible cognac out of this Tesseron collection to pair with cigars. Lot No.29 undoubtedly offers one of the best cognac experiences to be found, but the No.53 has a profound richness which we think works extremely well cigars in general. This cognac is dynamic and vivacious, with a lot of flavours on the palate, most noticeably spice and pepper notes evolving into notes of a more sweet earthier tone like dark chocolate and figs.

On the nose, No. 53 has a marvellous aromatic scent, borne from the premium Limousin Oak Casks used for ageing. Hints of wood, dried fruits and tobacco are what is given to the nose. It’s these notes which we feel generate the initial spice on the palate.

For that reason, we think it pairs better with a variety of cigars, and we are inclined to go with the iconic Partagas Serie D No. 4. Partagas is known for its savoury and spice flavours emanating through, and this cigar epitomises the brand. One of the world’s best-selling Habanos, the Partagas Serie D No. 4 provides plenty of flavour in timely fashion. Anecdotally, the D4 starts amazing from the first moment you take the first exhale. Very leathery regarding the binder and wrapper, with a base comprising of more earth than cedar notes. The signature spice note is detectable from the beginning, becoming stronger throughout, but never overwhelms heading into the finish.

The likeness in profiles between this cognac and cigar makes for a winning combination and a perfect pairing for after dinner. The bold flavours of both, and in aspects which produce a profound spice on the palate, make for a finessed ending to the evening. Both provide sublime complexities in their profiles which again consolidates this as an amazing pairing.

For our New World cigar, we would go for the Plasencia Alma Fuerte Sixto II. Again, a cigar with flavours which best complements the Lot No.53, the Alma Fuerte collection is compiled of a unique blend of Plasencia’s best aged tobaccos grown on their Nicaraguan farms. The terroir of Nicaragua produces tobaccos with very rich flavours due to the volcanic soils of the region. Sixto II is bold and vibrant with a medium to full strength. We consider it to be strong and earthy with hints of dark chocolate and the occasional noticeable coffee note. There is a slight undertone of oak and vanilla which gives the cigar a well-rounded balance of flavour.

Other Suggestions: Partagas Serie D No. 5, Partagas Short, Partagas Maduro No.1 Plasencia Alma Fuerte Robustus, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Belicoso, Padron No. 50 Anniversary Family Reserve Maduro, Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro Robusto

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