Casa 1910 have finally arrived in the UK for retail, and we are very excited as we know how good their cigars are after hosting an event for their UK launch back in May 2023. Hailing from a country that is not particularly renowned for its cigar making, Mexico, Casa 1910 is showing why Mexican tobacco will feature more prominently in the cigar industry.

Mexico has gained its reputation in the industry for their production of wrappers from various regions in the country rather than their production of creating cigars including Mexican tobacco for binder and filler leaves. The unique conditions of the San Andres Valley in the state of Veracruz, which combine optimal sunlight, humidity, and volcanic terroir is the landscape for their Mexican tobacco.

Mexican cigars are not a new concept, there are a few brands available in the American cigar market. In the UK, the only Mexican brand we have seen is the excellent Casa Turrent. They were our first foray into sampling Mexican cigars, and we were honoured to have held Casa Turrent’s UK launch in our sampling lounge back in 2018.

The blends, the tobaccos used, packaging, the brand accessories, drinks pairings, the marketing; it all demonstrates a deeper belief of the cigar being a part of the luxury lifestyle. Casa 1910 have entered the industry with a dynamically modern approach to their business. After spending hours speaking to two of their most integral people, Serge Bollag – Co-founder and Manolo Santiago – Co-founder and Master Blender, it is clear their passion and understanding is genuine and is delightfully reflected through the brand.

The first two cigars they have released in the UK are the Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition, all-Mexican puros - Cuchillo Parado (5’’ x 50) and Tierra Blanca (6’’ x 54). However, they are not the same blend of tobacco with the Cuchillo Parado having a medium flavour, with the toro being a medium-to-full bodied cigar. Cigars from the New World are often considerably fuller in flavour compared to many of their Cuban equivalents. Not many are medium flavour, and even less are lighter than medium. The Casa 1910 Cuchillo Parado robusto is one of the New World cigars we would consider to be ideal to have in the morning.

Revolutionary Edition

The Revolutionary edition commemorates the first battles of the Mexican Revolution, an event that changed the course of history and defined the nation’s character. This is why we decided to use 100% Mexican tobacco, showcasing our pride for this land, its customs and deep history. Each cigar is an expression of our artisans’ quest to capture and communicate the living spirit of revolutionary Mexico.

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Revisiting the Casa 1910 Event Last Year

Coming in from Mexico City for the event, we were delighted to be joined by Casa 1910 co-founders Serge Bollag and Manolo Santiago. Serge explained thaeir creative and strategic approach and Manolo with his cigar and tequila expertise, provided guests with amazing insight into the brand as a whole and the pairing we were having.

The cigar was paired with tequilas from the outstanding Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia collection – The Platino and Extra Anejo – and a reposado from 1800 Tequila. Manolo was happy to talk through each of the tequilas, giving an all-round masterclass of the pairing.

We started with a scene setting performance from a London-based Mariachi band, delivering the exciting Mexican vibe we hoped to create. A great introduction to what turned out to be a fantastic night of cigar conversations and tequila appreciation.