MEERAPFEL Cigars are one of the most eagerly anticipated releases in recent times. The limited-edition cigars were announced in 2022 and was promptly released during the Autumn. It has taken a little longer for them to arrive in the UK, but we are delighted to announce we received an allocation of the ‘RICHARD’ vitola just in time for Christmas.


MEERAPFEL as a brand and name has a vivid history in the cigar industry dating back to the 19th Century. In 1876, the first MEERAPFEL factory was opened in Untergrombach, Germany by Meir Meerapfel. Since then, their journey has taken the family name across the world searching for the world’s finest tobaccos. The journey for expansion started in the 1920s as Maier’s youngest son, Ernest, traveled to Indonesia and returns with tobacco leaves which have become some of the most sought-after in the world – Sumatra and Java. By 1933 MEERAPFEL & Sohne have become one of the most important importers of cigar wrappers in the world.

The Meerapfel family are of Jewish heritage and German origin, so when the Nazis came to power, they had to rebuild and relocate. New York City awaited the family, and within the tragedy of having to leave their homeland came a new opportunity. By the time the 1950s came around, Heller Meerapfel, Ernest’s youngest son, had already established great relationships in Cuba. Thus providing his and the family business with great insight and product from the Cuban cigar industry, exporting to Europe and the U.S, until the Cuba Embargo was put in place. America may have taken themselves out of the game, but the European market for Cuban cigars was still significant and allowed Meerapfel to become one of the major distributors in the region.

Meerapfel steps have become greater from generation to generation. Richard Meerapfel, Heller’s only son, takes on the torch passed down to him and creates a new avenue for which would become a pioneering step in the Cigar industry. In 1969, a young Richard, for the first time, ventured to Cameroon, cultivating a new tobacco leaf that has become a go-to across to world to this day. His influence of tobacco growing was spread to neighbouring Central Africa Republic, as his legacy has made a profound impact on both countries.

In the late 70s and early 80s Richard spends valuable time in Cuba understanding what makes Cuba the most considered country for cigars. Moving back and forth between Cuba and the business operation in Miami, it is on a return to Miami that Richard meets the legendary Carlos Fuente Jr and his son Carlito. The relationship flourishes on both the friendship and business level; The Fuente and MEERAPFEL families collaborate to launch the Fuente Don Carlos blend, with a particular focus on the European market and palette. And, of course, the wrapper of this cigar line is Cameroon.


The emphasis placed on these wrappers at the time could not be understated - they quickly became a necessity for many major brands. The innovative moves throughout the MEERAPFEL family business may not be overly publicised in the industry, but what they have accomplished has been undoubtedly game-changing.

With many landmark moments in their history with both positive and negative effects, another came in 2003 with complete tragedy nearly decimating the family business. Firstly, a coup d’état in the Central African Republic puts the dream at risk, the family is expropriated. Again, as so often in the history of MEERAPFEL, they lose everything. But further devastation struck when Richard, the head of the business and one of the most revered cigar minds of the 20th century, passed away aged just 52.

This all too sudden change for the MEERAPFEL in 2003 put the business on the precipice. But the story was not to end there because, despite not being entirely ready for the responsibility, Richard’s sons Jeremiah and Joshua showed the resilience to continue with the near-150-year family business. Continuing was not their objective, growing was, so at that point the MEERAPFEL cigar project was born. Going beyond the agriculture of wrappers, the brothers wanted to launch cigars to celebrate a family legacy that was worthy of celebration.


The inception of MEERAPFEL Cigar marks a new chapter in the family's history. At the same time, this unique chapter also symbolizes the creation of an entirely new segment in premium cigars: the UberLuxury.


After nearly two decades in the making, MEERAPFEL Cigars have now launched the first of their collections to the world. They have four lines in their inaugural collection named after the most prominent figures of the MEERAPFEL past – the names mentioned in this blog post, Richard, Ernest, Heller and Meir, the “Master Blends”.

The “Richard” master blend is a double robusto, 5 ¾ x 52 with a flagtail cap. Limited to 613 chests of 10 cigars, enclosed within a red branded ashtray, the initial release of this MEERAPFEL Cigar sold out right after its announcement. We’re fortunate to have a few boxes at our St James’s Flagship and The Cigar Room in Selfridges. For more information on these cigars, please contact us on this blog post and we will pass on your request to the teams at St James’s and Selfridges.