Our great friends at Tor Imports celebrated 30 years of business this past autumn. Whether Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico or other nationality, Tor has worked tirelessly to introduce and embed them into the UK cigar market. They are the forerunners of importing and distributing New World Cigars in the UK, with the widest selection of brands and products.

We have been delighted to have hosted many events with Tor though the years. We had four events in 2022, and we look forward to a great 2023 with more cigars and pairing events. They have some big brands in their portfolio including Joya de Nicaragua, Padron, Alec Bradley and Perdomo. We have been fortunate enough to host some of the heads of these companies like Juan Martinez of JDN and Nick Perdomo Jr of Perdomo in recent years. We thank and congratulate Scott Vines, Jerry Mir, Ricardo Carioni and everyone working for Tor Imports for the great work they are currently doing.


To celebrate their 30 years in the industry, we put together The Tor 30th Birthday Sampler Cigar, a sampler pack of four cigars, one from each of the four major countries they distribute their cigars from.

Nicaragua: Joya de Nicaragua Numero Uno L’Ambasadeur

The link between Tor and Nicaragua is strong and, evidently, special. Nicaragua has now emerged as the nation with the highest volume of cigar production in the world. Their unique relationship with Joya de Nicaragua in particular, as well as many others, enhances Tor’s great reputation in Central America as a renowned cigar distributor in the UK.

The Joya de Nicaragua Numero Uno line was intended for Nicaraguan ambassadors to hand out to world leaders. The Numero Uno L’ambassadeur is a medium-strength cigar with a binder and filler made of premium Nicaraguan tobacco that supports its Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Very close to a Lonsdale vitola, this cigar is of the elegant slim and tall size - 6 5/8’’ x 44. Once lit, this cigar offers up a refined creaminess that is accompanied by light peppery notes for a classic smoking experience.


Honduras: Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto

The Black Market is one of their most popular lines of cigars. The filler blend is an intriguing mix; it includes tobacco from Panama with Alex Bradley’s flagship Honduran tobacco. Combined with an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder and Nicaraguan wrapper, the Black Market blend has united elite tobacco from four different regions to produce these cigars. The Robusto is 5 ¼‘’ x 52 size cigar with a medium-to-full strength profile.

“The mystery of Panamanian tobacco and the crate like box in which Black Market is displayed illustrates this cigar’s journey.” – Alan Rubin, Founder of Alec Bradley.


Dominican Republic: La Aurora 107 Ecuador Robusto

A cigar brand with great prestige in the American market, La Aurora produce their cigars at their Dominican Republic factory. Released in 2010, La Aurora’s 107 collections pay homage to 107 years of artisanal handcraftsmanship, using tobacco from all around the world.

The 107 Ecuador cigar is distinguished by its sun-grown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, resulting in an oily texture and rustic, natural red colour. The cigar is complete with a Dominican binder from the Cibao Valley, and finished with filler from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru.

“A mild beginning with a little bit of spice, the 107 Ecuador then evolves to a medium and full-bodied smoke. It’s very rich in distinct tobacco flavours, like wood and leather, as well as a deep aroma of cacao and spice with a sweet tip.” ‐ La Aurora Master Blender, Manuel Inoa


Mexico: Casa Turrent 1880 Claro Lancero

Casa Turrent is widely recognised as the best cigar brand to come out of Mexico. Not many have attempted to create a lancero size cigar outside of Cuba, mainly because narrow ring gauges are very rare with new world cigars, but Casa Turrent have made their own in this now popular-again size. The 1880 claro blend is considered by many to be Casa Turrent’s marquee blend. The narrow 40 ring gauge and 7 ½’’ length means, when smoked correctly, this cigar is an hour-long smoke.

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