A new vitola entirely for the famed Hoyo De Monterrey portfolio. Very close in size to the brand’s legendary Epicure No.2, measuring in at an even 5 inches, whilst sporting a formidable 48 ring gauge.

This cigar was initially boxed back in 2006, and has taken on quite a different profile in time; Still relatively mild in strength, but unusually earthy to begin with, with only a fairly subtle leather creeping in after the first few puffs. A gentle mineral finish, accompanied by an underlying flintiness, evidently exists towards the cooler start, yet becomes overshadowed by a pleasant spice in time. Well rounded, yet unconventional, it certainly puts a spin on the typical Hoyo.

Appearance: 14/15
Consistency of Draw: 22/25
Evenness of Burn: 18/25
Taste and Aroma: 26/35

Overall: 80/100