Cigars have been a popular smoke throughout the world for many years and, since there is so much variety in terms of flavours, sizes, and techniques, it is not surprising that cigars are also produced in numerous different manners. For a unique smoking experience, different tobaccos, papers, and techniques go into each and every cigar. Cigars are rolled in two ways, by hand or by machine, and each method brings differences. Here are a few ones worth noting about the two techniques:


Everything put into hand-rolled cigars is much more deliberate, as every step is done by hand, ensuring very specific flavour profiles, as well as other factors, such as the size, shape, and taste of the cigar. Hand-rolled cigars typically contains higher quality ingredients, but that does not mean machine-made cigars are not high-quality as well. When it comes to specific taste profiles, hand-rolled cigars tend to win, although machine-made cigars provide a perfect sense of reliability and quality that attract smokers everywhere seeking a consistent experience.


The price between these two methods is one of the clearest factors, with hand-rolled cigars most notably being the more expensive. Premium hand-rolled cigars use only the best tobacco all throughout the production process, mainly in the filler and wrapper, which is instrumental to create the best taste. Machine-made cigars have a different filler which consists of chopped up tobacco which usually includes the stem when rolled, and the wrapper is different to that of hand-rolled cigars as it has to withstand the power of the machine.

Doesn’t Mean One is Better Than the Other

An important factor to remember is that hand-rolled cigars are not necessarily going to be better or worse than machine-made cigars. Every cigar has its own unique profile, no matter how it is made, and this resonates with some cigar smokers more than others. There are some cigars that have earned a reputation of being truly phenomenal, and there are some machine-made cigars that outshine some hand-rolled cigars. Finding a cigar you love is a large process of exploration and learning, and it all comes down to smoking the cigar you truly enjoy.

What We Stock

At James J Fox, we stock an array of hand-rolled smokes such as the Cohiba cigars as well as machine-made cigars. Our Seleccion Marevas Cigar Selection, for instance, is a great gift for any cigar enthusiast. The Seleccion Marevas offers five of the most desired Cuban cigars, allowing the smoker to sample a range of flavours and strengths. The box contains five hand-rolled Cuban petit corona cigars: Our pressed Villiger Export cigars are one of the most frequently smoked cigars in Switzerland and one of the most common of all Swiss brands around the world. This short, machine-made cigar has become the ‘Havana of the ordinary people’ with their well-balanced tastes. At James J Fox, we are highly passionate about cigars, which is why we offer a vast array of smokes, with a cigar to everyone’s taste. If you would like to find out more information about our cigars, or anything related, get in touch with a member of our team today by calling 0207 9303787 or emailing, and we will be happy to help.