Humidors are essential to anyone who smokes cigars. They have specialised components that help regulate the humidity and the temperature of the tobacco, so that your cigars do not deteriorate or lose their characteristics over time. Cigar shops may have walk-in humidors, although it’s highly likely that you’ll have box-sized ones in your home. That little unassuming box is the only reason your cigars remain as fresh and flavourful as you want them to!
Choosing the right humidor for your needs can be challenging, however, so we strive to make that decision easier by providing these essential tips:  

Choose the Right Size

Humidors come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important that you pick the one that can accommodate your current or future collection of cigars. If you choose a humidor that is smaller or larger than your requirements, you may compromise its ability to maintain the correct humidity and temperature levels, thereby effecting the condition of your cigars. If your humidor is too small your cigars may become crammed together which can affect air circulation and the consistency at which the cigars absorb humidity but in addition there may not be sufficient levels of humidity to maintain all of your cigars in the right condition. If a humidor is too large there may be too much humidity produced for a small number of cigars resulting in cigars becoming too damp. The aesthetic appeal of humidors, as well as their large range of design choices, means that you can place them anywhere in the home and be confident that they can match your furniture or interior design and look good at all times. A humidor should be chosen according to your existing or future needs, so think about how many cigars you plan on having at the same time before making a purchase. For example, the beautiful Elie Bleu Alba Medailles Red, which displays a colourful background made of dyed sycamore, was crafted to hold a maximum of 75 cigars.

Know How to Spot a High-Quality Humidor

Not any humidor will do. You want something that can give you the peace of mind of knowing your cigars are safely stored at all times, not something that will damage them in the long run. The first thing you should notice is the seal. A good humidor has to close tightly, in order to prevent air, dust and dirt from entering the box. Place a sheet of paper halfway inside the box and close it – if you can pull it out easily, then the humidor’s seal is not good enough. Your humidor also needs to maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels. The ideal temperature is below 23 degrees Celsius and between 65-74% humidity. Anything over or under can affect the quality of the cigars. In addition, avoid low prices, as that’s often an indicator of low quality. Quality humidors are designed to last a very long time, so if you pick an inferior one, you may have to replace it in a few weeks or months – and replace your cigars with it as well.

Select the Proper Material

It’s equally important to think about the material of the humidor before purchasing it. Humidors can be made from a wide variety of woods, such as mahogany, cedar, maple and oak – knowing which one to choose means knowing that each type is linked to the humidor’s ability to maintain humidity and temperature. Cedar, which lines the interior of the Hillwood Black Piano humidor, is one of the best types of wood for humidors.
Every cigar lover knows that their cigars have to be properly stored in a humidor, but picking out the perfect one can be difficult. There are many factors to take into consideration but, hopefully, our tips are already helping. Humidors and humidor accessories also make great Christmas gifts, so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 9303787 if you wish to learn more about our products and we’ll help you make this all-important decision.