The historic city of Trinidad, or to give its full title, La Santisima Trinidad (The Holy Trinity), is nestled on the coast of central Cuba and dates back to 1514. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in recognition of the significance the former sugar trade played in Cuba’s cultural and economic history, Trinidad provides the perfect backdrop for a burgeoning tobacco industry that produces truly remarkable cigars. One contributing factor to the success of the tobacco industry in Cuba is the fact that it is heavily regulated by the government, which means a robust and consistent approach to quality. Another reason is down to unquestionable expertise and attention to detail, with their exquisitely hand-rolled products undergoing meticulous scrutiny to ensure the perfect smoke, every time. Trinidad cigars were originally produced in 1969 in just one format – the fundadores – and solely for the President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, which affords them a sense of exclusivity that is genuinely matched by their quality. It took almost thirty years before they were made available to a buying public and a further few years before the collection was extended with the introduction of new products. Known for their creamy, smooth smoke experience with a healthy medium strength throughout the range, Trinidad cigars are loved the world over by aficionados who fully appreciate the depth and complexity of flavours. The ‘pig tail’ end of Trinidad Cuban cigars acts as a hallmark of the brand and, along with the triple ‘T’ banding, adds a unique and distinctive twist to an aesthetically pleasing range with a beautiful outer wrap. With a range of sizes available to suit all occasions, we at JJ Fox are delighted to showcase our selection of Trinidad cigars for sale individually or in boxes. We hope you enjoy this review of our collection and that it helps you on your journey to your next perfect cigar.

Trinidad Fundadores

Considered the quintessential Trinidad cigar, the fundadores is a true classic and leads the charge for slim cigars. Dating back to 1969 when it was solely the reserve of diplomats and dignitaries visiting former President Fidel Castro, the fundadores was finally released for wider public consumption in 1998. With a ring gauge of 40, this cigar is the perfect alternative to lanceros, produced by Cohiba at the same factory as the Trinidad range, and is a consistently good smoke from start to finish. The fundadores has perfect draw and combustion and a depth of flavour that intensifies throughout the full seven inches of smoke with an initial creamy richness that explores brewed coffee and chocolate developing into a toasty, peppery finale.

Trinidad Reyes

This short stick, measuring in at 4 3/8” in length with a gauge of 40, was released in 2003 and makes for a great quick smoke. Although small in stature, this is a medium-strength cigar to truly savour, from the initial, warm white chocolate notes at the beginning to the gentle spices that progress through the stem providing a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. The Reyes delivers a perfect combustion and resistance that lasts all the way past the band, so the only thing you’ll have to be careful of is burning your fingers at the end!

Trinidad Coloniales

Another medium-strength cigar in the Trinidad range, this corona has a distinctly woody flavour which grows into coffee with a hint of spice. At 5 ¼”, the Trinidad Coloniales is known for being a refined and well-balanced cigar with a medium draw, best enjoyed slowly. Beautifully constructed, the Coloniales is one of the newcomers to the Trinidad family and doesn’t disappoint, with plenty of smoke and sophisticated flavours you’ll enjoy right to the end of the stick.

Trinidad Vigia

Named after the watchtowers built to oversee the sugarcane fields in the home city of these cigars, this medium to strong-flavoured smoke is one of the newer introductions to the Trinidad collection. Don’t let the petite stature of the 4 1/3” Trinidad Vigia mislead you, as it really packs a punch. This is delightfully tempered by the scale of the ring gauge which, at a healthy 54, ensures an even smoke from beginning to end. With a smooth and easy draw, this cigar has a sweet, almost floral taste which is beautifully underpinned by a slightly leathery, nutty flavour. Available in singles or boxes of 12, the plumes of creamy smoke ensure the Trinidad Vigia will fast become your go-to cigar for a satisfying and robust experience. For more information on the full range of Trinidad cigars, please see our website or get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.