What exactly is a cigar humidor? “A Humidity controlled box used for storing cigars at the regulated and specific temperature and humidity it needs to keep the tobacco in pristine condition” Without storing your cigars in a humidor, they will dry out, burn too quickly, lose their essential flavours, and can even have detrimental effect on the quality of the tobacco. You wouldn’t want to invest your money in a premium smoke simply for the product to lose the freshness, would you? A cigar humidor is a key investment if you don’t want your smoking experience to involve uneven burning, added scents and dampness.
In this article we will answer some common questions related to cigar humidors and explore just how important your cigar humidor is. It is a vital tool in your cigar arsenal.

How Does A Cigar Humidor Work?

Humidors can vary in size and design, but all tend to have few common features; the materials they are made of, the tight seal and the numerous components including a hygrometer and a humidifier. These all play an important role in keeping your cigars in a high-quality smoking condition.

How Long Do Cigars Last in a Humidor?

If your cigars have been stored adequately, they will typically start yielding their best flavours after about 5 years. Without a humidor, your cigars will lose their freshness quickly, of course depending on the humidity and temperature of their storage. Typically, they will start to decline after one month of storage outside of a humidor.

What Is the Ideal Humidity?

Tobacco within the cigars is grown within mainly tropical areas - keeping the cigars properly humidified will help to finish their ageing and maintain the levels which the cigar needs. The ideal humidity for the storage of your cigars ranges from 68% - 72%, however the specific level depends on the Vitola and the brand. It shouldn’t ever reach beyond 75%.

How to Set Up a Humidor Box

While a humidor box is your main piece of kit, the accessories will do the hard work. A humidor kit may consist of a humidifier, a hygrometer, and a thermometer. The humidifier part of your humidor could be argued to be the most crucial part- after all this keeps your cigars moist. The most common cigar humidifiers use polymer crystals. You will need to calibrate your hygrometer and set up your humidifier with propylene glycol solution. At James J Fox, our humidifiers come already prefilled with PG ready to use. Don’t forget to keep a track of your humidors humidity levels as these can vary. As long as the levels stay within the 68-72% range there is no need to adjust the humidifier.

A Perfect Complement to Your Cigars

Not only do humidors keep your cigars in perfect condition, but they also present a stylish and sophisticated storage method.  They can also be a great asset to ageing the flavours of cigars. Many cigar enthusiasts believe that they taste the best at around 5 years of storage however some taste at their peak after 12-24 months in a properly calibrated humidor. A walnut finish cigar humidor is an excellent choice for beginners and is the ideal addition to any budding cigars connoisseur’s collection. Those who desire a larger collection, the exquisite hand-crafted Elie Bleu Alba Medailles Red 75 humidor could be the perfect choice- not to mention a true work of art. A well-maintained humidor will enhance your cigar experience. The quality of smoke not only depends on the quality of the cigar but the amount of care by the user. If you are looking for a cigar humidor, including the accessories or more information regarding the maintenance of your cigars, the team at James J Fox have more than 200 years of experience and can make sure you not only have your cigars of choice, but they are stored flawlessly. We also provide travel humidors, so your quality smoking experience can come along on your travels.