spotlight on joya de nicaragua cigarsAt our James J Fox store, we offer a large variety of cigars for you to experience and enjoy. We have previously discussed quite a few of these spectacular smokes, which you can find below: Recently, we went to Nicaragua to visit Joya de Nicaragua’s amazing factory, and loved touring the facility and learning more about this stunning brand. So, what better time than the present to focus on these cigars?

The Brand

Tobacco farming started in 1964 in Nicaragua after the Cuban Revolution, but Joya de Nicaragua was only created in 1968, making it the first premium handmade cigar maker in the country. It’s also the oldest brand of cigars made in Nicaragua. The factory is located in Estelí, which is now known as the tobacco capital of the world. The brand is 100% Nicaraguan-operated and manufactures cigars that are celebrated around the globe for their quality.

Joya de Nicaragua’s Cigar-Making Process

The brand is known for manufacturing Joya de Nicaragua cigars that are considered puros, meaning every single part of the smokes came only from Nicaragua. This includes the binders, fillers, and wrappers. When creating a cigar, Joya de Nicaragua first prepares the tobacco. It’s placed in pilones (or pylons) for a year to ferment, which moderated its flavour and strength. Then the wrapper is selected and only the best will do. After all, this is one of the most important elements of the cigar – if not the most important, since it determines how the smoke will taste. The wrapper leaves are hand-picked and separated according to colour, texture and size. The tobacco is then blended with different leaves to create a unique profile, then the cigars are rolled by hand and inspected to the highest standards. After this, the cigars are placed in an ageing room for, at least, 45 days, in order for their flavours to develop. Joya de Nicaragua believes in using only the best tobacco possible, so each step of the cigar-making process is carefully considered. The result is masterfully-created smokes that are blended perfectly – and adored around the world.

Joya de Nicaragua Cigars

The flavour profile of these handcrafted smokes is a true stand-out, and their premium quality is reflected in their first-rate taste and fullness of body. They are often characterised by rich, woody flavours with spicy undertones that come together in a smooth smoke. We stock several Joya de Nicaragua cigars that you will, no doubt, enjoy, such as the following:
  • Joya Cuatro Cinco Reserva Double Robusto – a full-bodied cigar that was originally released as an Edition Limitada.
  • Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Toro – a medium-bodied smoke that blends a dark, coffee-hued Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper with a creamy, light Ecuadorian Shade main wrapper.
  • Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Toro – a mild cigar that is currently the best-smelling smoke for the Joya de Nicaragua range. It’s also the only brand that has also been officially recognised as the country’s national cigar.
Joya de Nicaragua’s history may have only begun after the Cuban Revolution, but there is no denying that the brand has established itself as one of the best in the world. With worldwide exports and a reputation built on quality, Joya de Nicaragua cigars are unmissable by cigar aficionados everywhere. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 9303787 if you wish to learn more about our Nicaraguan cigars. Our team of experts is always happy to lend a helping hand!