At James J. Fox, we pride ourselves on our exquisite selection of cigars from around the world, that we stock exclusively for your enjoyment. Some of these we have recently discussed, such as: In this edition of our cigar spotlight series, we will take a look at the Oliva Cigar brand and what makes it such a unique smoke enjoyed across the world.

The History of Oliva Cigars

The Oliva Cigar hails from the Oliva Cigar Co. which began its operations in Pino del Rio, Cuba. Beginning as a humble farm, patriarch Melanio Oliva started producing Tobacco in 1886, which was then continued by his son Hipolito from 1920 onwards. However, it was not until Hipolito’s son Gilberto Oliva Sr. took over operations that the brand began to gain force. World class cigars available at James J. Fox After switching roles and venturing into tobacco broking, Gilberto was able to travel to various countries as a buyer, and this allowed him to stumble upon the prime growing conditions of Nicaragua. Replicating the desired conditions of Cuba, this find led to the eventual decision to move the entire operation and emigrate. It was not all without its difficulties, however, as civil tensions meant that Gilberto Senior had to leave the country for six years, before resuming Nicaraguan farming in 1995.

The Flavour of the Cigar

Known for their earthy taste, Oliva Cigars are popular the world over. Here are some of the variations we stock:
  • Oliva Serie G Belicosos are a glorious combination of sweet and earthy tones, with plenty of body. Beginning with coffee notes, yet earthy throughout, the tapered head allows a sweeter finish making them complete cigars.
  • Oliva Serie V Belicosos are praised for their peat and leather tones, yet it is in the making of these cigars where the craftsmanship truly lies. Despite a dense feeling, these cigars offer a light draw whilst packing plenty of satisfying power.
  • Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto are only 4 ½” in length, yet provide a cool, medium bodied smoke. A taste of dark chocolate runs through these cigars, with a spicier note experienced in the second half. A fantastic balance providing a really nice smoke.
  • Oliva Serie V Double Toro are a unique blend of Nicaraguan long filler tobacco encased in a subtly spicy Habano Sun Grown wrapper. The smoothness of these cigars are renowned, and with hints of rich coffee and dark chocolate tones throughout, Oliva yet again produces a great all-rounder.
  • Best of Oliva Cigars: Struggling for choice? Best of Oliva Cigars is a selection of our favourite Oliva cigars: the sampler pack features a Serie G Robusto, a Serie G Belicoso, a Serie V Belicoso and a Serie V Double Toro, all with the signature earth tones and spectacular finishes that fans of the brand seek.
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