1. Partagas De Partagas No.1 Review

    Partagas De Partagas No.1 Review
    Size: 6 ½” x 42 Vitola: Cervantes Box date: December 2000 Great Lonsdale. Nice sheen on its Colorado wrapper, the smoke exhibited much of the tannins and mineral notes that you could hope to find within a Partagas of this age.
  2. Cigar 101: Strength

    Cigar 101: Strength
    Cigars are incredibly diverse, so selecting the one that’s perfect for you requires knowledge of its varied features. While our first article explored the difference in cigar sizes, this next instalment of our Cigar 101 series looks into one of the most important components of your cigar; strength. Strength It is important to make the distinction that the lightness or...
  3. The Perfect London Valentines

    The Perfect London Valentines
    The countdown to Valentine’s Day is officially upon us; in only a matter of weeks the most romantic day of the year will dawn. Millions of people will wake, in a panic, realising that they have nothing planned, or worse… no idea where to take their Valentine for a romantic adventure. Well, fear not! London is awash with culture, liveliness...
  4. Cigar 101: Sizes

    Cigar 101: Sizes
    When choosing a cigar to smoke, there are many things to take into consideration, and if you are new to the world of cigar smoking, the language can be a little confusing. So, rather than remaining confused about the ins and outs of cigars, take a look at the first in our Cigar 101 series where we will discuss cigar...
  5. London for the Gentleman

    London for the Gentleman
    London is a metropolis of constant movement, smells, and a buzzing energy. There is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world; there is little wonder why we have made our home on St James’s Street for over two hundred years. Truly, the city is a marvel and there is almost too much to explore in one visit. But...
  6. Choosing The Perfect Cigar For Christmas Day

    Choosing The Perfect Cigar For Christmas Day
      Christmas Day is the one day of the year that I allow myself to enjoy an after dinner cigar at the dining room table with my family. This rarity means that I spend most of December trying to figure out which cigar to enjoy. There are 6 days to go, and I am starting to stress under the pressure...
  7. How to Choose the Right Humidor for Your Cigars

    How to Choose the Right Humidor for Your Cigars
    Humidors are essential to anyone who smokes cigars. They have specialised components that help regulate the humidity and the temperature of the tobacco, so that your cigars do not deteriorate or lose their characteristics over time. Cigar shops may have walk-in humidors, although it’s highly likely that you’ll have box-sized ones in your home. That little unassuming box is the...
  8. The History of Cigars

    The History of Cigars
      Cigar smoking is a longstanding tradition. The origins of which are somewhat obscure, but the rich history that has followed cannot be ignored. It is something that we here at JJ Fox love to explore, as can be seen in our esteemed Freddie Fox Museum. What were the beginnings of cigar smoking and who were those famous smokers that...
  9. Christmas Gifts for the Cigar Lover

    Christmas Gifts for the Cigar Lover
    ‘Tis the season to be jolly… almost. It is true, the festive period is creeping up on us and those of you who are particularly keen may already be enjoying Christmas music and festive foods. But, there is still time to get your naughty and nice list in order and prepare for the season of giving. Here at James J...
  10. What’s Happening at James J. Fox?

    What’s Happening at James J. Fox?
    At James J. Fox, we have had a very exciting year. With a number of fantastic events taking place at our London store, as well as being visited by BBC One film crew (you will have to wait until next year to find out more about this one!). 24th November – Churchill’s Birthday Party We have a special connection with...

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