1. Cigar and Wine Pairings

    Cigar and Wine Pairings
    There are so many wines and cigars to enjoy in the world and too little time. So, here at James J Fox we have gathered a few pairings together to get you started on a taste journey that will leave your taste buds tingling. Red Red wine is the opposite side of the coin of fine tastes, with cigars being ‘heads’...
  2. James J Fox Visits Nicaragua

    James J Fox Visits Nicaragua
    Our Nicaraguan adventure started in the El Titan De Bronze cigar shop in Miami’s Little Havana. We had been invited to the shop by Fabian Ziegler of Drew Estate to sample the Herrera Esteli, amongst others, and take a tour of the shop that started the legend of Willy Herrera. The shop itself is quite small, with the majority of...
  3. Cigar 101: Anatomy of a Cigar

    Cigar 101: Anatomy of a Cigar
    As part of our Cigar 101 series, we’ve already explored several crucial elements of a cigar: flavour, strength and size. The anatomy of a cigar is equally important. Sure, you don’t need to understand its ins and outs in order to fully enjoy a smoke; however, knowledge of a cigar’s components can help you navigate the world of smokes and...
  4. James J Fox Visit Cuba

    James J Fox Visit Cuba
    We thought we'd left the rain far behind in Gatwick, but just caught the tail-end of a heavy downpour which managed to disrupt the opening ceremony of the XIX Habanos Festival. Having cleared passport control and baggage collection in record time, we caught a taxi to our home for the week, a casa situated high above the Malecon with spectacular views, whilst still being a...
  5. Pairing Cigars and Whisky

    Pairing Cigars and Whisky
    Romeo and Juliet. Morecambe and Wise. Batman and Robin. Wine and Cheese. There are some pairings in life that simply make sense. A good glass of whiskey to accompany a long-burning smoke is one of them, as many patrons of JJ Fox will know. There is nothing quite like the relaxed feeling that a cigar in one hand and a...
  6. Montecristo Linea 1935 “Maltes”

    Montecristo Linea 1935 “Maltes”
    Origin: Cuba Vitola: Sobresaliente Dimensions: 6” x 53 ring gauge Strength: 4 out of 5 Enrobed in an oily Colorado, borderline-Maduro wrapper, this cigar presents a surprising complexity upon first puff. Some brown sugar sweetness toward the surface, but much leather, fresh earth and spice are further present to begin with. All in all, actually very similar to the 80th...
  7. The Gentleman’s Guide to 2017 Events

    The Gentleman’s Guide to 2017 Events
    At James J. Fox, we are no strangers to celebration! In fact, we have a jam-packed calendar, full of events that we would love to see you at. However, it is not just the events at our London store that you can get excited about. There are plenty of fun and exciting events up and down the country that would...
  8. Cigar 101: Flavours

    Cigar 101: Flavours
    Our Cigar 101 series aims to be a comprehensive guide to the world of cigars. After discussing the size and strength of cigars (as well as their anatomy), we are now turning our attention to the rich and complex field of cigar flavours. We are not referring to cigars infused with artificial flavour, but the natural taste of a good...
  9. Literature’s Long Romance with Cigars

    Literature’s Long Romance with Cigars
    Many a distinguished individual has taken up the art of smoking cigars. From politicians to actors from the silver screen, cigar smoking is a time-honoured pleasure that we here at JJ Fox have enjoyed for hundreds of years. It seems that the time-old tradition has been a draw for many throughout the years. However, there has been a special group...
  10. Spotlight On: Romeo Y Julieta Cigars

    Spotlight On: Romeo Y Julieta Cigars

    The Romeo Y Julieta cigar brand has proved to be one of the most popular in smoking history. As fans ourselves, today we shall give you an insight into this brand, including the history and selection on offer.

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