We are officially on the countdown to Christmas Day, a day of spending quality time with friends, family, enjoying a beverage or two and finishing the joyous day off with a celebratory smoke. The festive time of year is certainly the chance to indulge in things which you enjoy the most and is a time for reflection amongst the luxuries of life. Whether you are going to be giving the gift of cigars this Christmas or you are going to sit back, relax and enjoy a smooth and luxurious smoke yourself, we have compiled a small list of things you can do to make this time of year even more magically merry than it already is. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Enjoy a Perfectly Paired Drink

Christmas is not just a time for the perfect smoke, but also for your favourite beverage. Both can be enjoyed even more when paired together correctly. Why not give one of our previous blog posts a read to find out what liquor to pair with your smoke at Christmas, or, if you’re a whisky drinker, take a look at our perfect whisky and cigar pairing article here. If you prefer a glass of wine, you can see the perfect wine and cigar pairing here.

Give the Gift of a Cigar

James J Fox have the perfect gifts for the cigar lover. Everything from cigar samplers to accessories like our St Dupont lighter and cigar books are in our gift selection. You can see our Christmas gift guide here. You will be able to tick everyone off your Christmas gift list with this selection.

Gather Friends

Christmas is the perfect time to spend plenty of time with loved ones, this is the perfect occasion to gather friends, have a game of poker, watch a classic movie or even just relax and chat together. Of course, an accompanied cigar never goes amiss.

True Indulgence

Of all the top occasions to smoke a cigar, Christmas and all its festive celebrations are certainly on the list. It’s the ideal opportunity to take a ‘time-out’ and truly relax, meaning a longer smoking cigar could be the ideal choice. The team at James J Fox wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and hope your festive celebrations are as luxurious, enjoyable and indulgent as our fine selection of cigars.